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Diabetes is Increasingly Common in Singapore.
With Timely & Comprehensive Care, Diabetics Can Lead Fulfilling Lives Too.
Diabetes Treatment Singapore
Why Livingstone Endocrinology for Diabetes Management
  • Full Suite of Care from Pre-Diabetes to Late-Stage Diabetes with Complications
  • Specialised Expertise in Early Onset Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes
  • Multi-Pronged Approach: Monitoring, Medicines, Lifestyle, Diet, Screening for Complications
  • Team of Experienced, Multidisciplinary & Supportive Staff Tending to Your Care

Diabetes in Singapore

With rising prevalence over the past decade, there are over 400,000 people with diabetes in Singapore; with 1 in 3 not even aware he/she has diabetes, and of those who do, 1 in 3 has poor control of it.

Diabetes now costs Singapore over S$1 billion a year to manage, and is one of the leading causes of hospitalisations, amputations and even deaths.

Fortunately, with proper management, it can be kept well under control so that the patient continues to lead a good quality of life.

Diabetes in Singapore
At Livingstone Endocrinology, we understand the toll that diabetes can cause.
This is why we are wholly committed to providing accessible, integrated, personalised and medically effective care to ensure that patients can best keep diabetes under control and continue to live life to the fullest.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, which is the hormone that regulates blood sugar level. It may also occur when the body does not respond properly to insulin, causing blood sugar levels to spike.
The 3 main types of diabetes and their treatments are:
Type 1 Diabetes
Accounting for around 5% of all diagnosed diabetes cases, Type 1 diabetes is usually inherited and cannot be prevented, and requires patients to perform daily and lifelong insulin intakes through injections or pumps to manage the condition properly.
Type 2 Diabetes
Accounting for around 95% of all diagnosed diabetes cases, it is the most common type of diabetes. It can be prevented or delayed through weight loss (if one is overweight), healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle. These are also the first lines of treatment. If they still do not help bring the blood sugar levels down to normal levels, medications may be prescribed.
Gestational Diabetes
Occurring in 2% to 10% of pregnant women, this type of diabetes develops during pregnancy, and goes away after the pregnancy. However, around half of all women who have had gestational diabetes get Type 2 diabetes later in life. Treatment includes special meal plans, recommended physical activity, regular glucose testing and insulin injections.

What is the Normal Process of Food Breaking Down (that Diabetes Disrupts)?

When food is digested, a type of sugar called glucose enters the bloodstream, acting as fuel for the body. The pancreas then starts to produce insulin, which helps to transport glucose from the bloodstream into the various muscle, fat and liver cells to be used as a source of energy. In people with diabetes, their body is unable to effectively transport glucose to all the body’s cells. This is because their pancreas is unable to produce sufficient insulin, and/or their cells do not respond to insulin the way they should. This leads to sugar building up excessively in the blood.
If poorly controlled in the long run, diabetes can result in serious health complications, including heart disease, amputations, kidney failure, vision problems and more. Fortunately, with proper and timely care, it is entirely possible to keep the condition under control, or at least slow its progression.
Risk Factors for Diabetes
What are the Risk Factors for Diabetes?
  • Being over the age of 40
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Having unhealthy eating habits
  • Having a family history of diabetes
  • Having had gestational diabetes before
  • Having polycystic ovarian syndrome
Insulin Pump Therapy
Comprehensive Services for Effective Diabetes Management
  • Assessment of Diabetes & Risk Levels
  • Management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Management of Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes during Pregnancy)
  • Management of Diabetes in Young Adults (Early Onset Diabetes)
  • Provision of Insulin Pump Therapy
  • Provision of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Dietary, Medical, Lifestyle, Podiatry, Social & Psychological Care
detailed risk assessment for diabetes
Livingstone Endocrinology
provides detailed risk
assessments for diabetes,
so that you can effectively prevent or slow the development of prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

What are the common symptoms of diabetes?

How is diabetes tested?

How can I best prevent diabetes?

Singapore Endocrinologist - Dr Tay Tunn Lin

Our Endocrinologist

Dr. Tay Tunn Lin
Senior Consultant Endocrinologist
MBBS (S’pore), MRCP (UK, Internal Medicine)
FAMS (Endocrinology)
Dr Tay is experienced in the management of all endocrine conditions, particularly diabetes and thyroid disorders. Formerly the Director of the Diabetes Centre at Changi General Hospital, Dr Tay has special expertise in managing early onset diabetes from her years managing the young adult diabetes clinic in restructured hospitals since 2015. She is well-published in her field, and received the Care Award (Silver) in 2012 and the Singapore Health Quality Service award (Gold) in 2019 and 2020 in recognition of her high standards in patient care.


We strongly believe that endocrine conditions can be managed to achieve good clinical outcomes by partnering with our patients, together with the provision of high quality, all-rounded and consistent care that our team is committed to.
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is Key to Ensuring Good Clinical Outcomes.”
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